Why You MUST Setup Your Business Online ( 3 Major Reasons)

Dariia Kotman

Oct 5, 2020

Today more and more traditional “brick and mortar” business owners try to launch their business online. According to Spencer Spinell (the Director of Emerging Platforms, Google) 97% of purchasing decisions are started on the Internet. So, if you are still considering “to be or not to be”, here are the top 3 reasons why you should take your business online.


REASON 1: Improve Your Company’s Picture

In 2020 your real business card isn’t the one you printed, but the one you launched. Companies of all sizes and industries successfully represent themselves through the Internet whether it's social media, blog or website. So, if you don’t have one, your customers might consider how serious you are about your business. Because they do expect your presence online. And this alone should be enough reason to start your business online.
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REASON 2: Massive Worldwide Market Opportunities

Running a business offline narrows down the possibilities of your target audience reaching your product/service from anywhere in the world. The main benefit online businesses have is the liberty of having the total available market at their disposal, and not just the local town or country. Let the whole world know about your product/service.

REASON 3: Save Your Time and Money

Imagine for a moment waking up and 10 orders are awaiting a delivery from your website. This is a reality many online business owners have and a big reason they are able to save money and time while increasing revenue. Having someone employed 24/7 in a physical store is often expensive and unreliable.

However, an online business thrives on the fact that it will always be online and products are available to buy at any time, with automated chatbots to answer questions from your clients, expenses are going down and sales are increasing.
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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

Oct 5, 2020


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