Launching Your First Facebook Ad [5-step tutorial]

Dariia Kotman

Dec 2, 2020

Over years Facebook became one of the top digital platforms to help people advertise their brand and product. It’s not only a multifunctional social media but also a very unique tool that updates from time to time and requires a lot of knowledge to use it. That's why it can be very challenging for most marketers and entrepreneurs to build and launch their first Facebook Ad.

No worries, we got you there! In this article, you gonna get a beginner's tutorial on how to create a business page and launch your first Facebook Ad campaign. Let's dive in.


1. Identify Your Goal

The first and primary task to do before starting anything is defining your goal. Facebook is a complex mechanism that has its own tools, metrics, and inside apps for different purposes depending on your goal. 

If you want to deliver your message across, use the function “boost post” right on every post of your Business page (Read more about Facebook Business pages in STEP 2). If you want to get new leads from wide GEO or optimize your ad, you need to use Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Create a Business Page

A business page helps people to find your brand, understand the message and its offer. It also helps your customers to reach out to you and communicate through private messages or even book a call. It also helps to gather and analyze data such as:

  • Pageviews

  • Post Reach

  • New Page Likes

  • Post engagements

  • And many many others.

You can create your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads Manager directly from your personal Facebook profile.
facebook ad

3. Define And Set Up Your Target Audience

To make a successful ad you need to customize your offer. In order to do it, you need to understand your audience and define your avatars. Facebook has a very wide range of detailed targeting. 

You can put literally everything you know about your ideal customer, which is not only demographics, age, sex, and relationship status, but also their favorite magazines, books, tv-shows, Facebook groups, etc. You can also target your audience by job titles, university degrees, places they traveled to, and events they visited.

4. Prepare Your Ad Copy & Creative

These are the basic components of your Facebook ad. If your ad consist of video, make sure it is square and has a black/white frame with title and subtitles. Remember, that videos without subtitles have almost no chance, because most people open videos only if they can “read” them.

If you want to use an image and you don’t have a custom one, you can find them for free on some photo stocks like or

Use an official Facebook tool to get more detailed info.
Copy can be short or long, but it must contain a call to action. Otherwise, your audience won’t understand what exactly you want them to do.

Look for the Audiences menu section in your Facebook Ads Manager.

5. Create And Launch Your Facebook Ad

The very last step is to set up your campaign. It means you’ll need to put together everything you’ve prepared earlier to finally launch your Facebook ad:

  • Create your campaign, set the budget

  • Create your ad set and add your audience targeting (Step 3)

  • Create your ad using creatives (image or video) and your copy

  • Make sure that your copy includes a call to action (CTA for short) + link where you want to drive traffic from this ad (Step 4)

  • Public the ad and wait for Facebook to approve it

Whoo-hoo, you have done it!

And one of the first things that you need to experience is... to see how it all works in action.

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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

Dec 2, 2020


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