How To Shoot At Home

Dariia Kotman

Jan 26, 2021

Today you don’t need a fancy photo studio or expensive equipment to shoot an online course or ad video for your Facebook Ads. You don’t even need a professional editor or any particular Adobe skills on your own to make the video look cool, because sometimes all you really need is a smartphone and a bit of time. 

So, here is the list of things that matter if you shoot at home.



Any modern smartphone camera is ready to provide crazy filming opportunities. Most of them can shoot videos in 4k like some of the latest Samsung Galaxy, also iPhone 11 series, OnePlus, and others.

Don’t worry if your phone is around 3 years old. iPhone (starting from 8th) or any smartphone (not older than 2018) yet maintain good enough quality to film a decent quality video.


Check the weather forecast for the next few days, find the sunny one. To create video at home you can easily use natural light, although there are few rules on how to use it if your “filming room” is on the sunny side of the house:

  • the best choice is to shoot in the morning while the sun is still rising (8-11 a.m.) and light not as harsh;

  • in the afternoon, when the sun is up, sun rays are direct and more aggressive, the picture could be too bright, contrasty, and mostly white (especially if you have white walls);

But mostly just don’t let the sun rays hit your face directly, otherwise, in the video, your face would shine like Jesus. Remember, natural light will make your video look good and can even compensate for low quality.


There are few ideas of what you can use as a background. It can be a solo-colored wall, a bookshelf, or a “library” part of your home office. Basically, a background can be anything that synchronizes with your business and reproduces that atmosphere.

For example, if you are a financial advisor shoot your video sitting in front of your workplace, or in front of the whiteboard, or you can use just a solo-bared wall, etc. So, it will help to transmit the atmosphere of the financial business you are trying to recreate.
Screenshot at Jan 26 19-08-09.png

If you are a chef, you can shoot in the kitchen or someplace that will look like your cooking place.

Remember two simple rules: 

  • DON’T lean on your background, in case you are using a wall - make few steps away from it to ad some “air” and space in the picture;

  • the background shouldn't take attention from your audience while they'll be watching your video, ad, or course.


Find the quietest day possible. When kids are at school, neighbors have mowed their lawn and drilled their walls. Also, you may check your shooting place for echo, since it ruins the sound later on in the video.

Editing Apps

To create a professional video you don’t need any particular skills in editing, cutting, and using Adobe applications. All you need is your smartphone. A lot of bloggers who create content for Instagram, Facebook, or even Youtube prefer to shoot and edit on the phone.

Today there are a lot of apps that are very simple and intuitive in usage. So, most likely, it can take you from five to 10 minutes to cut and edit your video and make it look fascinating. 

Our most recommended apps are Adobe Premiere Rush, InShot, Videoleap, Magisto. Some of them are free, some require a subscription, but it's worth every penny!

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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

Jan 26, 2021


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